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27 March 2020 (14:55) Client link has been updated in it's respective section!
hello world!
[#8] 21 March 2020 (19:43) by GM Finkelz - Open Beta

The time has come for the Open Beta phase - which we have worked very hard to arrive at!
After several months in Alpha and Closed Bate test phases, getting constant feedback from our very helpful community, we now have a good base for a game!

We would like to invite everyone to join us on Sands of Time, influence the game's direction and shape the way it goes!
If you prefer to just try something new and watch as the game evolves - you are most welcome too of course!

Our systems have undergone functional testing and are now stable. It was a steep learning curve during which we have learnt many valuable lessons! Now that we have a good portion of our game mechanics complete, join us to experience the rapid growth and expansion of content.

During the Open Beta we plan to focus on adding depth, expanding content and variety to the game, building on top of our strong foundations!
More systems are planned, more new things are still in the works, but we can finally generate content in a good pace to give you all a new, unique and enjoyable gaming experience!

Looking forward to seeing you this coming Friday - March 27th!
Have a good rest of your weekend! <3

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