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[#7] 23 February 2020 (04:23) by GM Finkelz - Beta Plan

We are happy to announce that our client is finally stable!
To avoid any more disappointments, we would like to run some more extensive tests.
Therefore we have come up with a new plan to have mini-phases lasting Friday to Monday.
This is the plan layout:
28th February - Small closed beta to test our new map & new content.
6-20th March - Mini-Phase content release every Friday
27th March - Beta Official Launch

We have a number of players we know have been keen to help us during Alpha and we will be contacting them soon.
If you are interested in participating in the mini phases, please send me a message. All help is welcome and highly appreciated!
Please Remember
- This will not feel like a fluid gameplay.
- We may keep the server running during the week.
- Content will be pushed on weekends so our team can be there to get feedback and take part in the tests.

It's also no secret that the client issue has taken up a big chunk of our focus, and we are slightly behind schedule on content.
Because of the delay to the 27th, we will make sure the game is very much stable and up to standards, but also have more content prepared!

Backup System
It's important for us to emphasise that we have a new system to track our issues, learn from our mistakes and make sure these kinds of delays not repeat.
From now on we will have a set "Rollback-date" - that means we set a mark on our client, server, map and everything else, and the mark signifies that this is a STABLE version. Should anything happen, we can always roll back to the stable version and have a backup.
No more issues that we can't overcome and delay without an expected date.

Let us know what you think of our new approach, if it's to your liking, anything else you might want to suggest.
All feedback is welcome and very appreciated as said before!

Thank you all for your patience, supporting attitude and understanding.
Looking forward to seeing you very soon!
SoT Team

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