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[#4] 25 January 2020 (18:40) by GM Finkelz - Beta Phase - Jan 31

We are proud to announce our Beta Phase - starting this Friday - January 31st!
After a great Alpha Phase, during which we have learnt many invaluable lessons, we are ready to present a whole new level of game.
It has been a long process, but we now believe we have a good understanding of what the game should look like moving forward.
We are now past the functional tests of our systems, and are continuing our quest to create a unique experience!

Our goals for this Beta Phase:
- Releasing lots of content!
- Adding more depth to the game!
- Keeping a good balance and fine-tuning all the existing content!

So without any further delays, here is what you can expect from the beta:
- A brand new map, fully custom!
- Low level zone that will guide you through the basics of the game!
- New Creatures!
- New Spells! (Including ultimate spells!)
- Rifts! (Wave defense up to 4 players)
- Open World dungeons, puzzles and riddles!
- New Unique Items!
- Loot system changes!
- Gear Upgraders! (That's right - not just wings)
- Tutorial Questline! (will be expanded during beta)
- Side Quests and Tasks!
- World Bosses!
- Raids!
- Heavy focus on RPG feeling!
- Even heavier focus on NO Pay2Win!
- So much more...

We will be teasing the Alpha players' rewards during the Beta, and also have something for Beta players. Everyone will receive their unique items for launch!
We don't currently have an exact estimate for how long the Beta will last, but it will be a minimum of 3 months!

See you all soon!
SoT Team

Some teasers from the map:

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